Smarter Complaints for companies

If you’re a sole trader or run a small business it can be difficult and time consuming to understand the law about your obligations when you sell products or services. Even the simplified guidance on the Sale of Goods Act Hub runs to twenty six pages.

If you’re part of a larger business, even if you understand the law, it can be almost impossible to be sure that everyone who deals with your customers does. The reputational and financial costs of making mistakes when dealing with customer complaints about faulty goods can be large.

Smarter Complaints is a simple, quick and easy way to get and understand advice on what your obligations are if a customer raises concerns, just by answering simple questions about the nature of those questions.

Research conducted for the Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Focus suggests that after having a bad experience with a company many customers will simply switch to a different provider or not make a new purchase from the company they complained to. Some will even stop buying the type of product or service that they have experienced a problem with at all.

Using Smarter Complaints alongside your existing CRM, case management or point of sale systems you will be able to provide quicker, simpler, clearer and more accurate advice on a customer’s rights. By referring customers to a trusted third party you can also decrease time spent with elevated complaints and increase confidence that the advice being provided is correct.

If you’re interested in using Smarter Complaints to help your company server it’s customers better then please get in touch.