Smarter Complaints for customers

We think that getting advice and making complaints about problems with products and services should be less like reading a legal text book and more like talking to a friend. That’s why we’ve built Smarter Complaints, the world’s first automated complaints builder. It asks you simple questions about the problem you’d like help with then gives you simple and quick advice before helping you make an effective complaint.

Depending on who you ask and how you phrase your questions we know that between £2.7bn and £6.6bn is lost each and every year because of sub standard products and poor services in the UK.

Unreliable products and bad customer service costs time as well as money, research conducted for the Office of Fair Trading and analysed on behalf of Consumer Focus shows that many complaints can take more than 20 hours to resolve.

The time, effort and skills that are required to get an issue resolved mean that many problems go unsolved and that the cost of getting things sorted out can be huge.